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Espresso Gourmet

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A blend of naturally roasted MILD coffee, consisting of 7 types of Central American, Asian and African coffee of Arabica species. Light and fragrant taste.

Sales unit: Single-dose pods in modified atmosphere with Nitrogen – BLUE Duetto color

Box 150 pods


Provenance: Central America – Africa – Asia
Countries: Brazil – Colombia – Ethiopia – Indonesia – India – Ecuador – Guatemala
Species: 100% Arabica


• Visual and tactile sensations: Espresso with a delicate cream, striated, with tight meshes. Light brown, amber and not dark brown or black. Hot cup.
• Taste sensations: Espresso with personality. Great body. Taste strong but not hard and with a lingering aftertaste. Naturally mild. Delicately aromatic: the initial notes of chocolate dissolve into a light fragrance of ripe citrus.


Espresso Gourmet is a naturally mild coffee with a very low percentage of Caffeine and a very high number (about 900) of other healthy components, such as Omega 3, Antioxidants, Mineral Salts, Proteins, etc. Like all mild coffee:
• it’s a friend of the heart and lungs, because it plays a cardiotonic action and reduces asthma;
• it enhances memory and relieves headaches;
• it’s an ally in the diet, because it helps to control appetite and has diuretic effects;
• it’s a support for the nervous system, because it improves psychomotor performance, resistance to sleep and fatigue;
• With antioxidants, it helps slow down the aging process of cells.


A healthy subject can drink up to 5 cups a day.


*Sources: University of Scranton (Pennsylvania) – Harvard School of Public Health of Boston (Massachusetts) – Fondazione per lo Studio sugli Alimenti e la Nutrizione (Roma) – Coffee Science Information Centre (Worchestershire).

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